Rhodiola Rosea Extract Powder

Rhodiola Rosea Extract Powder

● Latin name:Rhodiola Rosea
● English name:Salidroside
● CAS:10338-51-9
● Molecular formula: C14H20O7
● Molecular weight: 300.3044


Rhodiola extract is the root extract of Rhodiola rosea. It tastes sweet and bitter. The main ingredients are salidroside and salidroside, which can enhance immune function, protect cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and anti-cancer and antidepressant effects.

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Latin name:Rhodiola Rosea

English name:Salidroside


Molecular formula: C14H20O7

Molecular weight: 300.3044

Effective component: Salidroside

Specification content: 1%, 3%, 10%

Physical properties: brown powder

Source: rhodiola extract is a natural extract extracted from Rhodiola crinus, refined, concentrated and dried. It is soluble in water, soluble in methanol, soluble in ethanol and insoluble in ethyl ether. It is more stable to the heat.


Enhancement of immune function

Rosavins stimulates the immune system by two ways: one, through a direct special stimulus to immune defense (one of the most important types of immune cells: natural killer cells (Natural killer cells). NK- cells search and destroy infected cells in the body.  The extract of Rhodiola rosea can restore the immune system by improving T- cell immunity. This shows that it can enhance the resistance of the organism to the accumulation of poison accumulated in the gradual development of infection. Two, make the body not easy to be affected by pressure. When we are exposed to pressure for a long time and continue to gain energy from other systems, the overall effect is the reduction of immune response and poor health. Rhodiola extract can also enhance the immunity of B cells by preventing the suppression of B cell immune stress and fatigue.


Protection of cardiovascular function

Rhodiola extract can relieve cardiovascular damage and dysfunction caused by pressure. The extract of Rhodiola rosea can prevent the contraction of cardiac contractility induced by ambient pressure in freezing state and help stabilize the contractility.


Rhodiola has been found to reduce harmful blood lipids and thus reduce the risk of heart disease. It also lowers the total amount of circulating AMP (c-AMP) released into cardiac cells. Circulating AMP and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) are related to the main energy supply molecules of human body. C-AMP serves as the "second messenger" or the contact material in and outside the cell. It helps the intracellular calcium flow into the heart, thereby greatly enhancing the potential energy of cardiac muscle contraction. Rhodiola regulates the beating of the heart and prevents arrhythmia.


Potent antioxidant

Rhodiola has effective antioxidant capacity. By limiting the adverse effects of free radical injury, it can effectively resist diseases caused by aging.


Improve the function of human body

Just like Siberia ginseng, Rhodiola extract is often taken by athletes to enhance human function. Although the mechanism is still not fully understood, it seems to improve the ratio of muscle / fat and increase the level of hemoglobin and erythrocyte in blood.


Antitumor activity

The extract from Rhodiola rosea shows potential as an anticancer drug and may be effective when combined with several antitumor drugs.


Carton: 1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside; 

25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.

or as customer’s requirement.

Drum: 10kg,15kg,25kg




Shipping Terms

By express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for ≤50kgs


High cost

Door to Door

Easy Pick Up Goods

Suitable for ≥50kgs


High Cost

Airport to Airport

Pick Up Goods by Customer

Suitable for ≥500kgs


Low Cost

Port to Port

Pick Up Goods by Customer

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Payment Terms

Western Union

Money Gram


Bank Transfer

Finishing workshop

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