Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder

Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder

● CAS NO.: 90045-36-6
● Name: Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder
● Alias: Ginkgobiloba, ext.; ginkgobilobal., rootextract; yajiaotong; GINKGO BILOBA; Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder;
● EINECS: 289-896-4


Ginkgo Biloba powder.jpgThis product is the dry leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba ginkgo plant Ginkgo biloba L., which is yellowish brown and fluidity powder. It tastes bitter and has the effect of activating blood, removing blood stasis and dredging collaterals.

CAS NO.: 90045-36-6

Name: Ginkgo Biloba Extract Powder

Alias: Ginkgobiloba, ext.; ginkgobilobal., rootextract; yajiaotong; GINKGO BILOBA; 

EINECS: 289-896-4

Product character

Ginkgo biloba P.E is light yellow brown fluidity powder, has the inherent aroma and bitter taste of this product.

Product content

The total flavonoid content of Ginkgo biloba was more than 24% according to the dry product.


Promote circulation

Ginkgo biloba P.E. can promote the circulation of the brain and body at the same time. A major health function of the ginkgo leaf extract, Ginkgo biloba P.E., is to inhibit a substance called platelet activating factor (PAF), a medium released from the cell, which causes platelet aggregation (accumulation). High levels of PAF can cause nerve cell damage, central nervous system blood flow reduction, inflammation and bronchoconstriction. Very similar to free radicals, high PAF levels can also lead to senescence. Ginkgolides and ginkgolides can protect neurons in the central nervous system from ischemia (lack of oxygen in the body tissue). This function may provide adjuvant treatment for patients suffering from stroke. In addition to inhibiting platelet adhesion, Ginkgo biloba extract regulates vascular tension and elasticity. In other words, it can make vascular circulation more efficient. This lifting cycle efficiency has the same effect on the large vessels (arteries) and smaller vessels (capillaries) in the circulatory system.



Ginkgo biloba P.E. may play an antioxidant role in the brain, eyeball retina and cardiovascular system. Its antioxidant effects in the brain and central nervous system may help to prevent brain function decline due to age. The antioxidant function of Ginkgo biloba the brain is particularly interesting. The brain and central nervous system are vulnerable to free radicals. Brain damage caused by free radicals is widely considered to be a contributing factor to many diseases associated with aging, including Alzheimer's disease.



Ginkgo biloba P.E. promotes cerebral blood flow and has an excellent tonic effect on the nervous system. Hundreds of scientific studies, including hundreds of thousands of patients, have confirmed the effectiveness of Ginkgo biloba extract's efficacy on many problems, including insufficient blood flow in the brain and mental deterioration in elderly patients. Ginkgo has a good effect on many of the possible symptoms of aging, such as anxiety and melancholy, memory damage, difficulty in concentration, decline in sensitivity, mental decline, vertigo, headache tinnitus (in the ear), macular degeneration of the retina (the most common cause of adult blindness), the inner ear riot (which leads to partial deafness) Impotence due to poor terminal circulation and poor penile blood flow.


Carton: 1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside; 

25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.

or as customer’s requirement.

Drum: 10kg,15kg,25kg




Shipping Terms

By express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for ≤50kgs


High cost

Door to Door

Easy Pick Up Goods

Suitable for ≥50kgs


High Cost

Airport to Airport

Pick Up Goods by Customer

Suitable for ≥500kgs


Low Cost

Port to Port

Pick Up Goods by Customer

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Payment Terms

Western Union

Money Gram


Bank Transfer

Finishing workshop

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