Genistein Function

Genistein Function

● Cancer prevention
● inhibition of cell cycle
● induced apoptosis
● induced differentiation of malignant cells


Genistein is a natural isoflavone compound found in legumes and dentate plants. It is an inhibitor of strong tyrosine protein kinase and a topoisomerase inhibitor. It has a wide range of anti-tumor pharmacological activities and can inhibit tumor growth and metastasis in a variety of ways.comes from natural cherished plants, and a small amount exists in dentistry and legumes. The intake of human it mainly comes from trace amounts of dietary isoflavones. Genistein is a specific tyrosine kinase inhibitor and a natural target anticancer substance.


1.For protein tyrosine kinase

Protein tyrosine kinase (PTK) is an important protein that controls the growth and differentiation of cells. A member of the oncoprotein and proto oncoprotein family, which plays an important role in normal and abnormal proliferation. And plays a key role in normal cell division and abnormal cell proliferation. Because the cell membrane receptors of many cell growth factors have PTK activity, and many of them are proto oncogene products.

Mechanism of action

(1) blocking the conduction of excitant signals, altering gene expression, inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and inducing programmed cell death in malignant cells, thus inhibiting tumor growth.


(2) the tyrosine phosphorylation level of cytoskeletal related proteins decreases, induces differentiation of malignant cells, and reverses cancer cells into normal cells or near normal cells.


(3) inhibiting the expression of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) promoted by TPA, antagonizing the proliferation and promoting cancer effect of TPA, effectively inhibiting the malignant transformation of cells and preventing the occurrence of tumor.


(4) inhibition of adhesion induced protein tyrosine phosphorylation, blocking the interaction between malignant cells and extracellular matrix, affecting cell adhesion, movement and formation of invasive feet, and inhibiting the secretion and activation of matrix metalloproteinases, effectively changing the related properties of transfer and inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of malignant cells.


2. For DNA topoisomerase II

Topoisomerase II (ToPo II) participates in a variety of intra nuclear processes, such as DNA transcription and recombination, nuclear DNA replication, and the separation of chromosomes at the later stage of mitosis, which catalyze the mutual conversion of the DNA topological conformation, thus affecting cell division and proliferation.

It can block the reconnection of the broken DNA caused by the action of topoisomerase during DNA replication, resulting in the appearance of DNA fragments in cells, causing cell growth block or death


3.For matrix metalloproteinase and ornithine decarboxylase 

Invasion and metastasis of tumor cells are closely related to matrix metalloproteinases and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors. Because in the process of invasion and metastasis, cancer cells need two times to invade the surrounding tissue and two times to cross the basement membrane of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, and the tissue barrier of the basement membrane and the extracellular matrix prevents the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells. Different cancer cells must degrade by releasing and activating the matrix metalloproteinase. Extracellular matrix and cell basement membrane can enter the surrounding tissues and blood vessels, leading to invasion and metastasis of cancer.

The antioxidant properties and the increase in the activity of antioxidant enzymes in the body make it play the role of anti-cancer and body protection, thus preventing the occurrence of cancer, inhibiting the development of cancer, and reducing the adverse reactions of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


4. antioxidant effect

Genistein is related to its antioxidant properties. It has three phenolic hydroxyl groups, and has excellent antioxidant activity due to its high hydroxyl radical reactivity and the ability to free radicals. It not only has antioxidant effect, but also induces the increase of antioxidant enzyme activity. By enhancing the activity of antioxidant enzymes in plasma and tissues, reducing the level of reactive oxygen species in tumor cells, the anti-tumor activity was achieved.


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