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THC Could Affect Men's Sperm
Dec 21, 2018

As marijuana becomes more and more mainstream and is recognized by more and more countries, scientists' research on marijuana continues to progress. A new study by Duke shows that cannabis can have a negative impact on male sperm during the reproductive phase.

Nowadays, the society is very sensitive to external factors, including tobacco smoke, pesticides, etc., all of which may have epigenetic effects. Epigenetics is a heritable feature that does not affect DNA sequencing, but it has an impact on life itself. For example, hunger: When a person is in a state of being unable to eat for a long time, his ancestors are more likely to face the challenge of diabetes. New research suggests that THC can affect epigenetics, leading to changes in the structure and regulation of sperm DNA in users.

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"We found that the use of cannabis may have a negative impact on males and their reproductive health, as consumption of cannabis affects the genetic characteristics of sperm," said Scott Collins, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. ”

"We know that the use of cannabis has an impact on the regulation of sperm DNA, but we don't know if they can be transmitted to the next generation," said Susan K. Murphy, associate professor and director of reproductive science. Duke's Obstetrics and Gynecology, co-author of the study. She went on to say: "In the absence of larger, more definitive research, the best advice is to assume that these changes will be there. We don't know if they will become permanent. I will say that as a precautionary measure, stop Use marijuana for at least six months before trying to conceive."

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