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New Therapy Of Anti-aging
Jan 03, 2019

Anti-aging has always been an inevitable trend of mankind, and it is also an inevitable trend of human beings from birth to death. New research by the Weizmann Institute of Science shows that this trend will be gradually broken in the future. The results of this study led by Professor Valery Krizhanovsky and Dr. Yossi Ovadya in the Department of Molecular Cell Biology were recently published in Nature Communications.

The study explores a key activity of the immune system: removing old, aging cells. Aging cells are those that have lost or irreparable damage but have not died completely. The key genes for this immunological activity are missing from the mice used by the researchers. In the two years of the experiment, the test mice had more accumulation of senescent cells than normal mice. Mice lacking this gene have chronic inflammation and appear to be older than normal age-old mice and prematurely die.

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Next, the researchers gave mice a drug that inhibits the function of certain proteins that help aging cells survive in aging conditions. The treated mice responded abnormally to the drug: their blood tests and activity tests showed improvement, and their tissues appeared to be closer to the tissues of young mice. Scientists have counted aging cells and found that they have fewer residues in the treated mice, and when they look for signs of inflammation, they find that this is also significantly reduced. Mice treated with this drug were more active with an increased life span.

Scientists intend to continue exploring ways to get the body to remove their old aging cells, especially looking for ways to activate the immune system to do the job.

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