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New Ideas About Anti-aging
Dec 20, 2018

Marie-Thérèse Lecci reiterated the different branch doctrines of skin aging. Skin aging is affected by two main factors: one is intrinsic, related to our biological clock, and the other is external, depending on factors such as light, pollution, diet, and medication. Recent studies by Gattefossé have shown that screen-related light stress can slow down cell metabolism and cause significant damage to ATP.

Today's anti-aging trend has changed from skin aging to good health, not just appearance worship. However, one may wonder if it is really necessary to provide more innovative anti-aging skin solutions for female consumers. According to a study by Anna Tcherkassof, according to the laboratory of the University of Grenoble-Alps University of Psychology, “two-thirds of the 115 women who are 49 years old each year are satisfied with their faces, and 1/3 is not. When it is considered young, they admit that the face looks more attractive. "This argument will actually continue to investigate skin aging.

Shaanxi Hutai Bio-fine

Skin aging can be tracked by "-omic" analysis, which helps to understand physiological mechanisms and identify relevant biomarkers. As explained by Mathieu Hébert of Laboratoire Hubert Curien, non-contact, non-invasive volumetric imaging allows visualization of dermal-epidermal connections. “We also modeled the average face based on spectral and hyperspectral imaging to characterize the ptosis.

Aging is a problem that people have been facing since birth. Perhaps one day in the future, we can alleviate and even solve aging in many aspects.

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