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Mannose Inhibits Tumor Growth
Nov 28, 2018

A major study published in Nature found that mannose, a widely used nutritional supplement, not only inhibits tumor growth, but also enhances the chemotherapy effect of cancer treatment. Studies have revealed that mannose helps treat cancer by interfering with glucose metabolism and reducing the use of sugar by cancer cells.

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Professor Kevin Ryan said that tumors need a lot of glucose when they grow and proliferate. Therefore, limiting the supply of glucose can delay the further development of cancer. However, the normal function of other tissues in the human body cannot be separated from glucose, so it cannot be provided to the body. glucose. Mannose is a small amount of free monosaccharide naturally found in some plant skins, such as orange peel, peach, apple and other fruits. The researchers took oral mannose intervention in mice with pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and skin cancer. The mouse response was then observed. It was found that a certain dose of mannose can inhibit the amount of glucose used by cancer cells, thereby slowing the growth of tumors in mice, but not on normal tissue cells.

The researchers also trained some other types of cancer cells in the laboratory, including leukemia, tumors, ovarian cancer, and bowel cancer, and whether the mannose intervention would produce the same effect. The results showed that the production of some cancer cells was inhibited, while others had no effect. It has also been found that there is an enzyme in the cell that can decompose mannose, which is a key indicator to determine whether treatment is effective.

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