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Is Plant Protein More Effective
Dec 05, 2018

Dr. Oliver Witard of the University of Stirling, Scotland, conducted an experiment comparing the functions of meat proteins and plant proteins to distinguish their effects in promoting muscle growth.

From the perspective of environmental protection, meat proteins produce more greenhouse gases, but in terms of MPS, meat proteins have an advantage. Therefore, more plant protein needs to be ingested in order to get enough MPS stimulation. For example, the intake of 27 grams of whey protein is equivalent to 2691 grams of plant protein such as potatoes. The difference is 99.6 times.

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Meat proteins promote muscle protein synthesis: protein digestion rate, EAA benefit, and leucine content. Studies have found that animal protein sources such as milk, beef, eggs, etc. are rich in human essential amino acid leucine, the content is much higher than plant protein.

However, the researchers also pointed out that perhaps a better source of plant protein will promote muscle protein synthesis, but there is still a lack of such test data. That is, more research is needed to assess the effects of more quality plant protein sources on muscle growth.

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