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Cosmetics May Cause Precocity
Dec 10, 2018

A new study emphasizes that certain chemicals in personal care products can affect the puberty of young girls. The boy did not find contact. These studies suggest that exposure to certain endocrine disrupting chemicals may affect a child's puberty time.

The study, hosted by Kim Harley and Brenda Eskenazi of the University of California at Berkeley, and published in the Journal of Human Reproduction, shows that some phthalates, parabens and phenolics are precocious between girls and girls. There is an association. Her team began by observing girls' puberty and analyzed data from 338 mothers and their children from birth to adolescence.

Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine

The researchers found that higher concentrations of MEP and triclosan in prenatal urine were associated with temporal changes in child development milestones. The higher the concentration, the early signs of puberty will appear. According to these substances, among the women recruited in the study, the difference in exposure may be between 1 and 20. We need to minimize the adverse effects of chemicals on adolescent development and control the amount and scope of use of the substance.

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