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Consumers Pay More Attention To Health
Oct 31, 2018

Mintel's recent global consumer trends study shows that consumers will pay more attention to their bodies in 2019 and beyond, and continue to improve their quality of life and health goals. Consumers are increasingly interested in products that improve the health of their microbial flora, from enteric-friendly fermented foods to probiotic skin care products, and consumers are increasingly demanding products that balance and promote the natural flora inside and outside the body. .

Products that focus on the health of microbial flora have entered the market and continue to drive awareness of this aspect of health, so the demand for products that meet certain health needs is increasing. For gut health, we know that many people have an interest in bacterial culture in their homes and add them to products like Kombucha.

Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine

Mintel's research also shows that consumers are increasingly seeking personalization, with as many as 42% of Britons interested in personalized diets based on their genes/DNA. The development of detection technologies, such as skin sensors or ingestible capsules, will satisfy consumers' needs for this personalized approach, and these products are also based on scientific research in emerging fields.

Over the past few years, consumers have become increasingly aware of different aspects of their lives in order to improve their overall physical and mental health. Part of the reason is the increase in mental and stress, financial uncertainty, uncertainty in the job market, etc. People are constantly looking for ways to help themselves. Because there is a lot of information on the Internet, consumers can quickly and easily study what they can eat and drink, and those products can be applied to their skin, which will help decompression, weight loss, and fatigue reduction. In the future, consumers will use more technology to improve their health. As technology products grow, people can monitor and track their physical condition at any time.

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