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What is whitening gold?
Feb 26, 2018


Glabridin is one of the main flavonoids in Glycyrrhiza glabra. It shows the anti free radical oxidation effect is very strong in cytochrome P450/NADPH oxidation system, which can inhibit the in vivo process The new supersedes the old. free radicals, to avoid sensitive to oxidation of biological macromolecules (low density lipoprotein LDL, DNA) and cell wall by oxidation of free radicals. It can prevent some pathological changes related to free radical oxidation, such as atherosclerosis, cell aging and so on.


Glabridin has excellent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti melanin formation functions, so it is used as a component of cosmetics and medical care products, such as cream, lotion, shower gel and so on. It can be made to make whitening cream, and now it has this kind of patent product.

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Dosage: in cosmetics, in order to achieve whitening effect, the patent recommended dosage is 0.001-3% light licorice, the best is 0.001-1%. With glycerin at 1:10, low temperature added. Topical glabridin can inhibit the formation of melanin, it has excellent tyrosinase inhibitory activity, can prevent skin tanning, sunburn spots and lines, the recommended dosage is 0.0007-0.05%. If in order to inhibit the male hormone and treatment of acne, the amount of glycyrrhizin is 0.01-0.5%.


At present, the most common content is 40% Glabridin in market, brown or white powder. Our company has made a patent for the production of licorice, which can provide 1-99% light licorice, and also customize the content according to the customer's requirements.

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