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Tyrosinase activity inhibitor Part 1
Mar 16, 2018

Arbutin arbutin.png

Advantages: inhibition of tyrosinase, prevent the formation of melanin, safe and reliable, arbutin can also form with topical liposome on the skin surface.  Arbutin whitening agent and tranexamic acid derivatives, seven compounds, geraniol, aminoethyl tryptophan and alkyl amino salicylic acid compound with better results.


Disadvantages: arbutin has high light sensitivity, thus the products tend to add a lot of sunscreen, easy to cause the burden on the skin, accelerate skin aging.

Sensitive skin is better to avoid the use of restrictions: Taiwan FDA recommends the highest use of 7% in cosmetics. System pH should be controlled in 5-7Between; adding antioxidants in cosmetics system to prevent discoloration; add pH buffer to reasonable, stable system; can be added to the amount of Azone, promote the penetration of arbutin and absorption.


Tranexamic acid Tranexamic acid.png

 chemical called tranexamic acid or tranexamic acid, crystalline water soluble, whitening effect is very significant, stable, is not limited by the environment, no stimulation, the back of black stain removal efficacy 50 times higher than VC, is 10 times the acid. It is recommended that the amount of 0.5%-3% be used.



Advantages: skin whitening, acne, and compared to similar natural ingredients arbutin and kojic acid, the root bark of the same concentration of hormone on tyrosinase inhibitory effect is better than them, blended with arbutin and kojic acid, better use restrictions: it is recommended to use 0.3%--0.8%, soluble in methanol, ethanol and acetone, almost insoluble in water.


Kojic acid Kojic acid.png

Advantages: it can enter the skin cells after complexation with copper ions in the cell, three-dimensional structure change of tyrosinase, preventing activation of tyrosinase, kojic acid whitening active agent than other whitening active agent has better tyrosinase inhibitory effect has obvious antioxidant effect, helps scavenging free radicals. Vc strong kojic acid ester, whitening and free radical scavenging effect of kojic acid; linolenic acid with whitening and attract ultraviolet effect. The experiment proved that kojic acid derivatives and if placenta extract and use the effect will be better out disadvantages: induced cell mutagenicity, Japan has been disabled. External use has a certain irritation, causing local allergies.

Use restrictions: cosmetics with content of not more than 2%, can be used in conjunction with other drug substances to reduce irritation.

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