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The story of licorice
May 16, 2016

The story of licorice...

Licorice is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. It can help treat eye diseases, throat infections, gastric ulcer, arthritis and liver diseases in India herbal medicine. The reason is that it can make phlegm, emollient, anti - inflammatory, anti - filtration pathogens, anti - hepatotoxin and antiseptic.


Licorice contains glycyrrhizic acid, saponins, asparagine, sugar, resin and bitterness, some essential oils and other compounds. The main components of Glycyrrhiza are: three terpenoid glycosides, glycyrrhizic acid, and a mixture of calcium glycyrrhizate and potassium salt. Other ingredients include: three saponins (glabridin, glycyrrhetol, licorice lactone, isoliquiritin lactone, light glycyrol), isoflavones (7 hydroxy -4 methoxy isoflavone, liquiritin, new light licorice ketone, glycyrrhizin, Europe) three terpene (sterol Ononis alcohol and beta amyrin and stigmasterol), coumarin (hydroxycoumarin ether and umbelliferone). The hydrophobic component of Glycyrrhiza is a glycyrrhizin, which is also a key ingredient in cosmetics. Some of the flavonoids are hydrophilic compounds, such as glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhizic acid.


Pharmacological effects: Glabrdin is one of the main flavonoids in Glycyrrhiza glabra. It shows the anti free radical oxidation effect is very strong in cytochrome P450/NADPH oxidation system, which can inhibit the in vivo process The new supersedes the old. free radicals, to avoid sensitive to oxidation of biological macromolecules (low density lipoprotein LDL, DNA) and cell wall by oxidation of free radicals. It can prevent some pathological changes related to free radical oxidation, such as atherosclerosis, cell aging and so on.

After repeated tests, the main effect is 1: whitening, inhibition of melanin; 2: anti-inflammatory effect of 3: antioxidant 4: antibacterial.

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