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Study on the production process of coenzyme Q10
Mar 28, 2018

There are 3 main methods for the preparation of coenzyme Q10: extraction and separation, chemical synthesis and biosynthesis. The comparison of the three methods is as follows

Contrastive term


Preparation method

Specific methods

Raw material

Advantages and disadvantages

Extraction and

separation method


The oil of the liver, myocardium, and plant seeds or tender shoots or leaves

The cost of production is high and the raw material is not easy to get.






Chemical synthesis



Total chemical synthesis



Chemical substances

Advantages: the raw materials are cheap and easy to be obtained, and the regional selectivity and stereoselectivity of the products are high. Shortcomings: the construction of side chain needs multiple coupling, the total yield is low, and it is difficult to realize industrialization.


Semi chemical synthesis


Using natural solanesol as the key raw material

The price of pure solanesol is very expensive, many synthetic steps, more by-products, difficult separation of chiral substances and so on.




Plant cell culture

Tobacco tissue

It is in the preliminary study stage and has not yet entered the pilot and industrial production.


Microbial cell fermentation

Photosynthetic bacteria, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, Pseudomonas sp., fission yeast

The raw material is cheap and rich, the separation process of the product is relatively simple, and there is no chiral problem.

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