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Solve the skin problem for you-xerosis cutis
Mar 21, 2018

1., the characteristics of water deficient skin are: sebum secretion is less, skin is dry, lustre, pores are not obvious, no greasy feeling, but wrinkles, skinning and tight feeling are easy to happen. Cause: the content of water in the skin is low, and the cells are vulnerable to damage.

2. the reasons for the lack of water in the skin:

(1) ultraviolet irradiation can increase the skin's temperature, damage the epidermal layer's moisturizing factor and lipid, damage the keratinocytes, damage the collagen, increase the gap of skin cells, cause the loss of water in the skin cells, and cause skin water shortage.

(2) the growth of age will slow down the metabolism of our skin, slow the blood circulation and decrease the level of estrogen, resulting in insufficient supply of skin cells, the decrease of sebum membrane and the decrease of skin and water molecules. It causes the skin to lose its elasticity and water content, and the skin is dry and dry.

(3) abnormal life habits, too much pressure and improper nursing, dry environment and so on, cause skin cortex and sweat secretion to decrease, or cause external skin damage, cause skin to lose moisture and cause skin drying and water shortage.

the skin cutin layer cells need water.png

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