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Solve the skin problem for you-Wrinkles
Mar 26, 2018

1. features of wrinkles: thin and short stripes are produced in the face, eye, and around the corners of the mouth. The main reason is that the loss of moisture in the skin increases, and the skin is short of water. It is a small wrinkle on the skin. Skin is dim, slack, appearance of forehead lines, decrees, fish tail, deep wrinkles. The skin is damaged because of the dry skin.

2. deep wrinkles: dermal and epidermal cells and interstitial cells decreased, collagen fiber, dermal collagen decomposition increased, the loose structure of reticular fibers, causing the skin internal outward tension decreased, decrease collagen synthesis ability, fiber damage cannot be repaired, the skin UV resistance ability is reduced, so skin sag, local subsidence, the formation of a deeper wrinkles.

3. the external cause of deep deep wrinkles:

UV: ultraviolet radiation can cause the denaturation of the collagen fibers of the dermis and make the structure of the reticular fiber lose its elasticity. The basal epidermal cells damaged, damaged, damaged cells, epidermal cyst tissue damage, skin barrier function, reduce the cell function decrease, the total synthesis of skin collagen decreased.

Age: with the increase of age, the skin cells began aging, dysfunction, differentiation of dermal cells reduced, the thinning of the dermis of the skin fiber internal support reserve depletion, cause the skin inside the outward tension continues to slow, depressed, flabby skin, loss of elasticity.

Other external causes: if the circulation is not smooth, irregular life, environmental pollution, dry climate, and so on, can make skin cells aging, forming wrinkles.


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Hyaluronic acid: powder & serum 

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