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Solve the skin problem for you-Sensitivity
Mar 27, 2018

1. the cause of the formation of sensitive skin: the cuticle is thinner, and the skin's resistance is weak. The horniness is short of water and the use of cosmetics is unsuitable. The hormone desensitization is a malignant dependence. The function of the defense system falls. Climate and environmental factors.

20% protection system in human skin

1) passive defense system: the lipid barrier in the cuticle can prevent toxins (or antigens) into the body and form the passive defense system of the skin.

2) active defense system: Langerhans cells (Langerhans cells) in defense and resistance to external factors invasion, is the active defense system of the skin.

The main factors inhibiting Langerhans cell: A, UV B; corticosteroids three effects:

A, change the shape of Langerhans cells (the protruding end of length)

B, reducing the number of Langerhans cells;

C, reducing the ability of Langerhans cells to activate the immune system;

2. classification of sensitive skin

Congenital: caused by genetic genes, the natural skin is thin, and most of the skin is dry.

Acquired type: caused by human factors, such as long-term exposure to harsh climate or environment pollution, excessive use of alkaline cleaning products, in the process of using aggressive way freckle skin, long-term use of drugs (topical steroid hormone) cosmetics etc.. 3. the difference between sensitivity and allergy:

Sensitivity: it is an attribute of the skin, which refers to a characteristic of the skin with high sensitivity and low resistance. Allergy: is a state of the skin, with red, swollen, hot, painful, itching three states or more known as allergies.

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