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Skin sensitive dry maybe they can help you-Aloe vera
Apr 12, 2018

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Aloe vera can smooth and cool the burn, whether it is sunshine or other heat sources, whether it is prevention or recovery, there is a significant effect. In addition, aloe polysaccharides and other active components have synergistic effects, including mannose -6- phosphoric acid and quinones. Researchers have shown that aloe can not only improve the cell structure of fibroblasts, but also accelerate the production of collagen.


One of the manifestations of aging is the changes in the skin, such as wrinkles. This is due to the gradual decrease of collagen, elastic fiber and hyaluronic acid under the skin. And the enzyme in the extracellular matrix is also decreasing, and its role is to produce elastic fibers, collagen and proteoglycan. Elastic fibers are made up of a glycoprotein called fibrin and collagen, which are interconnected with Hyaluronic acid. Type I collagen and III collagen are interwoven together to form an internal dernet, which is then immobilized on the skin and the epidermis by VII collagen. In the process of human aging, type I, III type and VII type collagen can be lost and the skin structure is destroyed. In addition, excessive exposure to UVA and UVB will further exacerbate this degradation. By using antioxidant - rich skin care products such as aloe vera extract, oxidative stress can be reduced and aging process can be slowed down.

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