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Rosemary Improves Cognitive Ability
Dec 19, 2018

A study published at the annual meeting of the British Psychological Society found that children who were exposed to rosemary essential oils and those who did not touch rosemary essential oils had significant differences in working memory.

According to the researchers, previous studies have confirmed that the aroma of rosemary can enhance adult cognition. Working memory is especially important in learning. In this study, a total of 40 children aged 10-11 were enrolled and randomly assigned to two rooms, one with rosemary aroma and the other without. The children received a series of Q&A tests to verify the effects of rosemary aroma.

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The researchers found that children in the rosemary-scented room scored higher than children in the non-fragrance room. Especially when inhaling rosemary aroma, children have the best memory. The end result showed that children who were exposed to rosemary had an average score of 5%-7%.

For the mechanism of the influence of rosemary on memory, the researchers said that further research is needed. However, the aroma of rosemary may affect the brain's electrical activity; or, the volatiles of rosemary contain certain pharmacologically active compounds that are absorbed by the body.

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