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Antioxidant and whitening natural ingredient Phloretin
Feb 11, 2018


Phloretin is the aglucone of phlorizin, a plant-derived dihydrochalcone phytochemical reported to promote potent antioxidative activities in peroxynitrite scavenging and the inhibition of lipid peroxidation. Phloretin, which is present in apples, pears and tomatoes, has been found to inhibit the growth of several cancer cells and induce apoptosis of B16 melanoma and HL60 human leukemia cells.


A flavonoid substance derived from apples and the bark of apple trees. As for topical application to skin, research has shown that it has antioxidant ability, can improve the look of an uneven skin tone, and also serves as a penetration enhancer, which means it can, when properly formulated, help other beneficial ingredients go beyond the superficial layers of skin.


Phloretin inhibits the active transport of glucose into cells by SGLT1 and SGLT2, though the inhibition is weaker than by its glycoside phlorizin. Orally consumed phlorizin is nearly entirely converted into phloretin by hydrolytic enzymes in the small intestine. An important effect of this is the inhibition of glucose absorption by the small intestine and the inhibition of renal glucose reabsorption. Phloretin also inhibits a variety of urea transporters. It induces urea loss and diuresis when coupled with high protein diets.


Phloretin is a novel ingredient derived from apples and the bark of apple trees. Several clinical studies have shown that it acts as an antioxidant, hence its inclusion in a range of skin care treatments. Will it help your skin?


When applied topically, research has shown that phloretin not only has antioxdiant ability, but it also can interrupt melanin synthesis to potentially reduce skin discolorations. It inhibits the formation of MMP-1 (matrix metallo-proteins). Inhibiting the formation of MMPs helps protect the fibroblasts that generate collagen in the skin’s support structure. Lastly, it is a penetration enhancer, which means that it aids in the delivery of other skin beneficial ingredients beneath the skin’s uppermost layers.

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