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Optimization of the fermentation process of coenzyme Q10
Mar 29, 2018

The growth of strain quality, the composition of the culture is extremely important, different strains, the composition of the culture is different, the coenzyme Q10 fermentation can fermentation were optimized by selecting different components of carbon and nitrogen sources, inorganic salts, growth factors, to determine the culture medium composition. Some studies have shown that metal ions have a promoting effect on the fermented coenzyme Q10. In addition, the addition of a certain amount of other substances in the medium can also significantly increase the production of coenzyme Q10. Join in the basic culture medium in Paracoccus denitrificans choline can improve the coenzyme Q10 synthesis capacity of about 30%; soybean oil, tomato juice, tobacco, carotene, orange peel juice added can greatly improve the content of yeast coenzyme Q10, synthesis and carrot microorganisms of coenzyme Q10 biosynthesis is closely related. The training mode is divided into batch fermentation, fed batch fermentation, feeding and continuous fermentation. Different training modes have their own advantages and disadvantages. The training mode can directly affect the production of coenzyme Q10. At present, the use of feed and batch culture is more promising. The fed batch can avoid the accumulation and metabolism - higher cell density, prolonging the fermentation process, the accumulation of a large number of products; through the dynamic analysis of coenzyme Q10 producing bacteria and Study on the relationship between oxygen respiration, carbohydrate metabolism and coenzyme Q10 production supply and the supply of glucose, glucose in the fermentation process in low concentration is conducive to the formation of product, therefore, may also use the feeding culture. The study of radioactive rhizobia showed that the yield of coenzyme Q10 increased significantly with the addition of sucrose and suitable corn steep liquor, and the content of intracellular coenzyme Q10 increased by 33%.

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The multistage fermentation system can also be used, and the different stages of the multistage fermentation system can be incubated at constant temperature and ventilation and so on.


The system is of great significance to shorten the fermentation time, save the cost of production, and increase the output.

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