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New choice for diabetics
Nov 20, 2018

According to a study published in the Czech Journal of Food Science, the juice extracted from banana stems contains anti-diabetic ingredients. It has been observed in previous studies that phytochemicals in bananas have potential for the treatment of diabetes, such as by inhibiting carbohydrate digestive enzymes and glucose adsorption, promoting antioxidant activity, and the like. However, due to geographical and variety differences, it has not been possible to mass produce and manufacture related products.

Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine

The anti-diabetic compounds extracted from natural growth varieties from Vietnam and banana stem juice grown in Czech greenhouses were tested for their effects on diabetes, and their metabolite profiles were analyzed. The results showed that the compounds in the samples varied. . It has been observed that among the 17 compounds screened, only 9 of the banana stem juices grown in the greenhouse, and 12 of the banana stem juices grown in Vietnam, and the key ingredients may be in these categories. Among the differences, specific chemical structures require further research and judgment.

Banana stems, which we generally consider to be waste, contain phytochemicals with anti-diabetic potential. Although environmental conditions affect the presence of phytochemicals, bananas can be used as a natural functional ingredient in the treatment of diabetes, helping to reduce the need for harmful anti-diabetic drugs.

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