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Naturalization of Food?
Dec 14, 2018

"Natural" is the most important driving force for shopping and consumption, and is also a key factor in the quality of products recognized by consumers. Today's consumers have new ideas on natural stone.

Both Mirepoix and Sofrito draw inspiration from the famous culinary philosophy, using their expertise and creativity to create consumer-friendly kitchen ingredients. Mirepoix is a seasoning made from cut vegetables and usually cooked with butter, vegetable oil or other fats for a long time at low temperatures, without color. It is not fried or otherwise cooked, and the purpose is to sweeten the ingredients rather than caramelize. Usually the vegetable mixture is onion, carrot and celery. The traditional ratio is 2:1:1, two servings of onion, one carrot and one celery.

Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine

Sofrito is a popular sauce in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America. The method of preparation may vary, but usually the aroma is cut into small pieces and fried or stewed. In Spanish cuisine, Sofrito consists of garlic, onions, peppers and tomatoes cooked with olive oil. In Portuguese-speaking countries, this is called Refogado and Sufrito, usually only onions and olive oil are essential, and garlic and bay leaf are also the most common ingredients.

At present, the related products cannot be completely based on the natural ingredients of vegetables, and meat and poultry ingredients are added to enhance the diversity of cooking tastes, which will help meet the needs of brand owners and consumers.

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