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How to choose whitening skin care products?
May 17, 2018

Skin color is closely related to the content of melanin in the skin. The formation of melanin is inseparable water-soluble  glabridin.pngfrom the hydroxylation of tyrosinase to tyrosine and the oxidation of dopa, tyrosinase related protein -1 (dopamine tautase), and the catalysis of tyrosinase related protein -2 (two hydroxy indole carboxylic acid oxidase) on the two hydroxy indole carboxylic acid. The presence of reactive oxygen species can promote the enzyme catalyzed reaction, and also make light colored reducing pigments oxidized to dark oxidizing melanin. Therefore, to evaluate the potential of some plant extracts to whiten the skin, the ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity and tyrosinase related protein activity, the ability to inhibit the expression of the above enzyme and protein gene, and the ability to scavenge reactive oxygen species are generally examined.

When choosing whitening products, please note whether there are ingredients that inhibit tyrosinase.Such as Glabridin. Other whitening ingredients:Alpha arbutinphloretin.


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