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Growth conditions of microbes in cosmetics
May 10, 2018

1. water

Large quantities of water in cosmetics make it possible for microbes to grow. In the process of microbial metabolism, all reactions, nutrient absorption, osmosis, secretion and excretion need water to carry out.

2 nutrient substance

The complexity of cosmetic formulations provides rich carbon sources, nitrogen sources, inorganic salts and growth factors for microbial growth.

3PH value

The pH value of the product affects the charge and the ionization degree of the microorganism cell wall, and determines the growth and activity of the enzyme in the microorganism.

4 temperature

The whole growth process of microorganisms depends on various chemical reactions, and temperature affects the rate of these reactions, which obviously affects the growth of microorganisms.

5 oxygen

The growth of bacteria and yeast is the need for oxygen. In addition to pressure vessels, most of the cosmetic containers can provide the oxygen needed for their growth.

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