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Arbutin family
Mar 15, 2018

Most of the market of arbutin as beta arbutin, alpha arbutin price is much higher than the former, is about 15 times more than the whitening effect of beta arbutin.

The source of alpha arbutin and beta arbutin is completely different. Beta arbutin by plant extraction, plant cell culture and artificial synthesis prepared by three methods. The alpha arbutin generally only sugar transfer reaction by different microbial enzymes, a molecule of glucose and one molecule of hydroquinone combined to form a single alpha arbutin.


The biggest difference between the two in the house property is rotation: alpha arbutin rotation is about 180 degrees, while beta arbutin is -60 degrees.


D- arbutin is one of the derivatives of arbutin, called D- arbutin, can effectively inhibit the tyrosine enzyme in the skin organization. D- arbutin can quickly and effectively make the skin white, and in the stop after use, the effect can still be maintained for nearly 8 weeks. Clinical study on topical D- arbutin can get obvious skin fade for 12 weeks, the opticity exposure spots and dark complexion, more good effect.

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