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A new breaking in ginkgo fraud
Nov 16, 2018

Recently, Network Nutrition published a scientific study on the many mechanisms of adulteration of Ginkgo biloba extract, including a careful screening of the latest and most sophisticated adulteration patterns of this popular herbal material, especially a completely different The plant variety: Styphnolobium japonicum was studied in depth.

Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine

An independent analysis of 22 finished products in the retail markets of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Of the finished products purchased in Europe, 14 of the 15 products contained adulterated Ginkgo biloba extract; and of the finished products purchased in Australia and New Zealand, 2 of the 7 products contained adulterated Ginkgo biloba extract.

The new test method allows the industry to analyze and verify that all current genistein is from Ginkgo biloba or from other non-Ginkgo sources. However, since this adulterated raw material bypasses the existing detection methods of existing analytical resources, adequate testing of these adulterative behaviors is essential to ensure the supply chain of this extremely important herbal material. Proper supply chain practices, including proper raw material acquisition time and channels, seem to solve the above problems, so this may be the reason for the industry to implement the genistein-free ginkgo leaf extract policy to avoid the need for additional testing to confirm genistein source.

Due to the above problems in many plant extracts, especially in proportional products, extensive and in-depth and meticulous research on plant materials and their adulteration models are still needed, and there are still major problems that require long-term efforts. achieve.

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