Pullulan Powder

Pullulan Powder

● EINECS No.:232-945-1
● Type:Emulsifiers
● Brand Name:HUATAIBIO
● Product Name:Pullulan CAS 9057-02-7
●Storage:Store at 4° C



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Pullulan polysaccharide is an extracellular water-soluble mucopolysaccharide similar to dextran and xanthan gum produced by the fermentation of Pullulan pullulan, also known as Pullulan, transliterated into Pullulan. It is a special microbial polysaccharide discovered by R. Bauer in 1938. The polysaccharide is mainly composed of maltotriose linked by a-1,6 glycoside bond. Because of its unique structure and properties, the polysaccharide has broad application prospects in pharmaceutical, food, petroleum, chemical and other industries. Because it can be degraded and utilized by microorganisms in nature, it will not cause environmental pollution, so it is known as pollution-free plastics. On May 19, 2006, the Ministry of Health issued Announcement No. 8. Prolan polysaccharide is one of the four new food additives. It can be used as film coating agent and thickener in candy, chocolate coating, diaphragm, compound condiment and fruit and vegetable juice beverage.


Pullulan polysaccharide is a colorless, odorless and odorless macromolecule substance. It is a non-crystalline white powder. It is a non-ionic and non-reducing polysaccharide.  Its properties can be shown in the following aspects.

Non-toxicity, safety

According to the results of acute, subacute and chronic toxicity test and variation source test of pullulan polysaccharide, even if the dosage of pullulan polysaccharide reaches the limit of LD50 (semi-lethal dose) of 15g/kg, pullulan polysaccharide will not cause any biological toxicity and abnormal state, so it is very safe for food and pharmaceutical industry.


Pullulan can be quickly dissolved in cold water or warm water, and its dissolution rate is more than two times faster than carboxymethyl cellulose, sodium alginate, polyacrylic alcohol and polyvinyl alcohol. The solution is neutral, non ionized, non gelatinized and non crystallized.


The molecule of pullulan polysaccharide is linear, so compared with other polysaccharides, pullulan polysaccharide aqueous solution has lower viscosity, does not form colloid, and is a neutral solution with strong adhesion. Not susceptible to pH or various salts, especially for maintaining a stable viscosity of salt


Quick Details

CAS No.:9057-02-7

Other Names:Pullulan


EINECS No.:232-945-1



Product Name:Pullulan CAS 9057-02-7

Storage:Store at 4° C

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