Kojic Acid Color Preservation

Kojic Acid Color Preservation

● Inhibitory effect of kojic acid on Enzymatic Browning
● Application of kojic acid in fruit, vegetable and crustacean products
● Application of kojic acid in meat products



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Kojic acid was first discovered by Saito Xiandao in 1907 from Miqu extract. It was named after Tian in 1916 and its structure was determined in 1924. In fact, kojic acid has existed in soy sauce, bean paste and wine since ancient times. Kojic acid can be detected in fermented products fermented by Aspergillus in food fermentation industry. After a long period of research and practice, kojic acid is safe for human and livestock. At the same time kojic acid is widely used in food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries, and its application scope is still expanding.

Kojic acid is a weak acidic compound produced by microorganisms by aerobic fermentation of starch sugar raw materials. The microorganisms producing kojic acid include Aspergillus dilatans, Aspergillus nestoris, Aspergillus oryzae, Aspergillus flavus and so on. Kojic acid has many uses, and can be widely used in the production of antibiotic intermediates; as raw materials for the production of food flavoring agents maltol and ethyl maltol; also used in pollution-free pesticides, antioxidant preservatives, food processing color preservatives, fruit and vegetable preservation, cut flowers preservation, shrimp, crab and other preservatives. At present, the most popular and promising applications are in the food and daily cosmetics industry.


Inhibitory effect of kojic acid on Enzymatic Browning

Mechanisms tyrosinase, also known as polyphenol oxidase, is an important copper enzyme in daughter organisms. In many fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and crustacean aquatic products, the oxidation of tyrosine oxidizes phenolic substances into oxygen, which deepens the color of food. Kojic acid has a significant inhibitory effect on tyrosinase.

Application of kojic acid in fruit, vegetable and crustacean products

The presence of P P O in fresh fruits, vegetables and crustaceans can lead to browning and deepening of color. In the process of food preservation, storage, transportation, processing and preservation, the endogenous phenolic substances are oxidized by enzymes to form brown pigments or melanins, which not only affect the color of food or products, but also produce bad flavor.

In the food preservation industry, color preservation and prevention of food browning have always been an important research topic. Inhibition of enzymatic browning in food processing is an important means. Kojic acid has a significant effect on preserving color and freshness in fruit, vegetable and crustacean products. Moreover, kojic acid is a safe, hygienic and non-toxic P P O inhibitor.

Application of kojic acid in meat products

In traditional meat processing, especially sausage, ham and other meat products, nitrate and nitrite are used as chromogenic and protective agents. It is well known that nitrates and nitrites can be converted into nitrosamines during food processing and digestion, a carcinogenic and toxic substance.

Quality, all countries in the world strictly limit its use. In meat processing, countries have been engaged in the search for nitrate-free chromogenic agents and color preservatives. At present, iso-Vc sodium and kojic acid are considered to be ideal.


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CAS No.: 501-30-4

Other Names: Kojic acid

MF: C6H6O4

EINECS No.: 207-922-4

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Purity: 99%MIN

Appearance: White powder

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