Ginger Root Extract For Food

Ginger Root Extract For Food

● Flavoring agent
● Antioxidant
● color fixative
● Fresh-keeping agent
● Preservative


Ginger Root P.E powder.jpgGinger root, ginger root, contains a variety of nutritional and functional ingredients, with high nutritional and health value. It is not only a common condiment, but also an important food and food resource. With the continuous enhancement of people's health and safety consciousness, green, natural and safe foods are increasingly favored by people. Ginger and its extract not only have unique aroma and spicy flavor as well as strong anticorrosion, preservative and color protection, but also have high safety, which shows great development and utilization value and application prospect.


The main functional components of ginger

Ginger essential oil is a volatile component extracted from ginger rhizome by steam distillation. It is the source of aroma and some flavor of ginger. He is a transparent yellow or orange liquid with a strong aroma. Ginger essential oil has strong aroma and pleasant flavor, so it can be used as flavor enhancer and flavoring agent for processing ice cream, candy, meat products and other foods.

It is a non volatile yellow oil like liquid or powder, which is a non volatile yellow oil like liquid or powder. It is spicy and bitter, soluble in water, soluble in ether, ethanol, chloroform, benzene, glacial acetic acid and so on. It is a mixture of multiple substances. Ginger has special spicy taste, and its ginger phenolic compounds can also play a role in the smell and smell of smell in animal food.

Ginger protease is a new type of plant protease extracted from rhizomes of ginger, which is a six angle disc like crystal, which consists of ginger protease I and ginger proteinase - II. The structure of ginger protease II is similar to papain and other sulfur based protease. It has been determined that ginger protease is a glycoprotein.

The application of ginger protease in food processing is mainly to use its ability to decompose protein, which is used for tenderness of meat, clarification of fruit and vegetable juice, beer and wine, and preparation of curd.


Flavoring agent

The ginger oleoresin obtained from organic solvent extraction of ginger almost contains all the aroma and flavor of ginger, and its chemical properties are stable. It can be used as a high quality concentrated flavoring agent for the cooking and processing of many kinds of food.


Oil and grease rich videos are prone to oxidative rancidity in air or in long-term storage. Ginger extract has good thermal stability and high safety. It can inhibit oxidation and rancidity of oils and fats, and is a natural antioxidant. The main antioxidants are Zingiber and other phenolone derivatives. They can remove superoxide anion and benzene radical, and have strong antioxidant capacity.

color fixative

The appearance and sale of fresh meat and its products are affected by various environmental factors in the process of storage and sale. The phenols rich in ginger have good antioxidant activity, which can not only prevent the oxidation of fat in meat, but also reduce the oxidation rate of myoglobin and hemoglobin, and improve their stability. Therefore, ginger has a certain color protection effect on fresh meat and its products.

Fresh-keeping agent

Fresh fish and vegetables are all high moisture and nutritious food. Therefore, it is easy to store up and suffer from spoilage. The active components in ginger are mainly ginger essential oil and Jiang Tonghe ginger phenol. In addition, ginger is rich in ginger oil, ginger oil and ginger oleoresin and so on, but also has a certain role in enhancing the freshness.


Ginger is rich in ginger essential oil, ginger and other antibacterial ingredients. Therefore, ginger has strong antibacterial activity and is a safe and effective natural preservative.


As a protein hydrolase, the use of ginger protease for meat tenderness can make meat soft, palatable, juicy and easy to chew, and can improve the yield and shelf life of meat.


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