Capsiate Antibacterial

Capsiate Antibacterial

● promoting appetite
● improving digestion
● a good tear-inducing effect



In recent years, antibiotics, synthetic drugs, growth promoters and other chemical drugs have been widely used in the prevention and treatment of human diseases because of their high efficiency and quick effect. However, problems such as bacterial resistance and drug resistance transfer, drug toxicity and side effects, food and drug safety caused by drug residues have become increasingly prominent due to long-term use. In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards and cultural literacy, health care is becoming more and more important. With the increasing awareness of natural pollution-free and pollution-free products, people began to look for natural antimicrobial agents from natural plants that can be used in medicine and food protection. Many natural plants have natural antimicrobial substances that can protect themselves from microorganisms and viruses. They have powerful bactericidal functions. They not only provide convenient conditions for human to develop these plant resources, but also have been widely used to treat and prevent human infectious diseases. Therefore, extracting broad-spectrum, safe and efficient antimicrobial active substances from natural plants is not only one of the direct and effective methods to solve food preservatives and antimicrobial substitutes, but also has good economic and social benefits.

natural Capsicum Annuum Extract

Hot pepper is the fruit of the solanaceous plant, which has been used as food and medicine for centuries. China is one of the earliest countries to use pepper as a drug. In China, pepper is first recorded in the "Map of Plant Names and Actual Actualities". It has a hot and spicy taste and has the functions of warming, dispelling cold and strengthening stomach. Natural capsaicin ester is a new product with high added value extracted from red pepper. It has been widely used in medicine, food and light chemical industry. It has very high medicinal value and economic value.


● Food field

Capsaicin has the biological functions of promoting appetite and improving digestion. It can be used as a stomach-strengthening agent in food. Capsaicin is also a good food additive and preservative.

 Medical field

Capsaicinoids, as the main extract of capsicum, are vanillin amide alkaloids. Their physiological and pharmacological activities are complex and have great medicinal potential.

● Military field

Capsaicin has a good tear-inducing effect, and has no toxic side effects. Therefore, capsaicin is the main material for making tear-inducing bombs, tear-inducing guns and defense weapons in military.


Quick Details

Appearance: Yellow to light-yellow powder

Active Ingredient: Capsaicin

Specification: 10:195%Capsaicin

Extract Method: Water/Ethanol

Package: 25kgs/Drum

Storage: Stored in a clean, cool, dry area

  Supply Ability  

Supply Ability:

20 Ton/Tons per   Month

  Packaging & Delivery  

Packaging   Details







Lead Time

Capsaicin Powder Bulk & Private Label Packaging for your options:

* 1~5 kg in a   Al-Foil Bag w/ Zip lock Bag inside

* 5~20 kg in a   Paper Carton

* 25kg in a   Paper Drum w/ Double Plastic Bags inside


3 days after   payment



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