Glabridin Application For Skin

Glabridin Application For Skin

Test method: HPLC
Molecular formula:C20H20O4
Molecular weight:324.36
English name: Glabridin
Patent product


Test method: HPLC

Molecular formula:C20H20O4

Molecular weight:324.36

English name: Glabridin

Chemical structural formula


Main function:GD-40 is a natural whitening agent extracted from a specific variety of glycyrrhizin. It has strong antibacterial, anti - ultraviolet induced inflammation, pigment precipitation and skin roughness. It can remove superoxide ions and inhibit the hemolysis caused by hydrogen peroxide. It can inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and inhibit dopamine tautomerism. The activity of DHICA oxidase is a fast, hilarious and green whitening cosmetic additive, which has the ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals similar to SOD (peroxidase), but also similar to vitamin E.

Application:Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, UV absorption, whitening, skin lightening and freckle elimination.

Usage method:The product is dissolved in 1,3 butanediol at room temperature, dissolved in 1:100, and then added to the cosmetic formula according to the process requirements.

Additive amount:The recommended quantity is 0.1 per thousand -0.5 per thousand, and customers can make appropriate adjustments according to their own product requirements.

  What is the advantage of glabridin?  

Scavenging effect of liriodendrin and glycyrrhizin on DPPH free radical

scavenging effect of liriodenoside and glycyrrhizin alone on DPPH free radicals is known from Figure 1. Liriodendron and glycyrrhizin have scavenging effects on DPPH radicals, and with the increase of tliriodendron and glycyrrhizin, the scavenging rate of DPPH is increased. Liriodendron and IC5 of glycyrrhizin. 161.63 mg/L and 79.81 mg/L respectively, the scavenging ability of glycyrrhizin was greater than Liriodendron, both of which have good scavenging effect on DPPH free radicals, indicating that both of them have strong antioxidant capacity.


Fig.l  DPPH radical scavenging capacity of GLA and LIR

Packaging and storage: 1kg/ aluminum foil bag. Pay attention to avoid light, seal, moisture-proof preservation.


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