Oat Beta Glucan In Skin Care

Oat Beta Glucan In Skin Care

● Natural moisturizer
● Highly Purified, Clear, Colorless And Odorless Liquid
● Easy to use in your formulations
● Hypoallergenic
● Rapid and long-lasting


Oat beta glucan has excellent anti-aging effect, can smooth fine wrinkles, improve skin what-is-oatbran.pngelasticity, improve skin texture, have a unique straight chain molecular structure, give good transdermal absorption performance, promote fibroblasts to synthesize collagen, promote wound healing, repair damaged skin, and give skin like silk Silken and smooth touch.

Mechanism of action

The skin is a very important defense system for the human body. It is a natural barrier that separates the human body from the outside world. It also has the function of the reaction system of the metabolic and biochemical cotton clothes. Beta glucan promotes the reproduction of macrophages. Macrophages are not only the non metastatic cytotoxin of malignant tumor cells, but also attract cotton clothes active cells and other white blood cells.

Application of oat beta glucan in cosmetics

1. Anti aging and wrinkle effect

Typical external symptoms of skin aging:

1)There are deep wrinkles and loose skin.

2)Dark skin, color spots;

3)Skin elasticity decreased, skin was not full, dry skin and desquamation, skin itching and sensitive.

Most of the anti aging skin care products are mostly added exogenous active substances, such as sunscreen, free radical scavenger, moisturizer and so on, so as to partially delay the effect of skin aging; and we think that the more active protection of skin is: fundamentally improve the natural biological vitality of skin cells, and the natural regeneration of the skin. The process plays a synergistic role.

Oat beta glucan is a highly purified cell extract that increases epidermal growth factor (EGF) on the aged skin and wrinkled skin, which promotes the increase of collagen and elastin in the skin, thus improving the appearance of the skin and eliminating wrinkles.

2. Promoting wound healing and scars desalination

Beta glucan activates the basic cells of the immune system - macrophages, which produce epidermal growth factor (EGF), thus producing the collagen that is necessary for the healing of the brocade wound, and co - worker angiogenic factor (AF) can promote the formation of new blood vessels necessary for wound healing. Beta glucan can increase the regeneration ability of damaged skin cells, and has the characteristics of wound healing.

3. Good transdermal osmotic function of oat beta glucan

Oat beta glucan penetration is not through direct penetration of cells, but through cell gap penetration into the skin.

Anti allergy and anti-inflammatory

It can promote the proliferation of Langerhans cells and enhance the immune function of the skin.


Carton:1kg,2kg,5kg with Aluminum Bag inside, or as customer’s requirement.

Drum: 10kg,15kg,25kg


Shipping Terms

By express

By Air

By Sea

Suitable for ≤50kgs


High cost

Door to Door

Easy Pick Up Goods

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Airport to Airport

Pick Up Goods by Customer

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Low Cost

Port to Port

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