Idebenone For Skin

Idebenone For Skin

● This product is orange or orange crystalline powder, odorless and odorless
● Cas: 58186-27-9
● Molecular weight: 338.43900
● Density: 1.08 g/cm3



Structural formula

Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., Japan, was launched in December 1988. Aidibenzoquinone is a new anti-Alzheimer's specific drug, which can improve brain function metabolism and mental symptoms, and has a slight antihypertensive effect. It can activate the respiratory activity of brain mitochondria, improve the energy metabolism of cerebral ischemia, improve the utilization rate of glucose in brain, increase ATP production in brain, inhibit the production of lipid peroxide by brain mitochondria, and inhibit the membrane barrier caused by lipid peroxidation of brain mitochondrial membrane. It is clinically used in patients with cerebral dysfunction, low consciousness, emotional disorder, language disorder, dementia caused by cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage and sequelae of arteriosclerosis. The drug has low toxicity and side effects.


Quick Details

This product is   orange or orange crystalline powder, odorless and odorless.

Molecular formula:C19H30O5

Cas: 58186-27-9

Molecular weight: 338.43900

Density: 1.08 g/cm3

  Supply Ability  

Supply Ability:

20 Ton/Tons per   Month

  Packaging & Delivery  

Packaging   Details







Lead Time

Idebenone Powder Bulk & Private Label Packaging 

 for your options:

* 1~5 kg in a   Al-Foil Bag w/ Zip lock Bag inside

* 5~20 kg in a   Paper Carton

* 25kg in a   Paper Drum w/ Double Plastic Bags inside


3 days after   payment




Aidibenzoquinone is a valuable organic synthetic drug. It is similar to coenzyme Q10 in structure. It has good antioxidant activity and is a very effective antioxidant. It acts through the maternal quinone ring and, compared with coenzyme Q10, adebenquinone The side chain is shorter, there is no isoprene unit, and an additional one is added at the end of the side chain. The structure of hydroxyl alcohol does not reduce its antioxidant activity. On the contrary, it is easier to pass through biofilm than coenzyme Q10. 

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