Olive Leaf Extract

Olive Leaf Extract

● protection - antioxidant effect - to maintain the viability of skin cells.
● protection - antioxidant reaction
● repair - promote the metabolism of gluin protein
● The reaction of anti chitosan reaction is a reaction to the membrane of the cell


Green-Olive-and-leaves.jpgThe high content of olivine is mainly used in skin care products, which can protect skin cells from ultraviolet radiation, effectively maintain skin tenderness and elasticity, and achieve the efficacy of skin and skin tender. Microherb high content olivine glycoside 80% is specially designed for skin care products. Its active ingredients are high and its color is light. It is very suitable for cosmetic formulation design.

The olive leaf extract applied to skin care products has protective, antioxidant and restoring effects


1, protection - antioxidant effect - to maintain the viability of skin cells.

Ultraviolet radiation can lead to the formation of free radicals, thereby damaging skin cells and even the death of cells in the morning. Assuming that skin cells are exposed to light, look at the changes in keratinocytes and fibroblasts - some coated with pure olive leaf extract, others not, and 24 hours later to observe their cells, and find that the cells with pure olive leaf essence are almost intact.


2, protection - antioxidant reaction

Ultraviolet radiation also causes cell membrane lipid breakdown, which is called peroxidation. The remaining culture environment of skin fibroblasts, some with pure olive leaf extract, others did not. After that, a special substance secreted by fluorescence analysis was measured to measure its degree of peroxidation. The experiment proved that the pure olive leaf extract can effectively organize the peroxidation reaction and thus highly protect the fibroblasts.


3, repair - promote the metabolism of gluin protein - promoting the synthesis of gluin protein in the aging process of skin, the ability of gluin synthesis to decrease gradually, and the fibrous cells can only produce a small amount of gluin. We measure the promotion of the synthesis of colloid protein in the cell culture environment, some are added to the pure olive leaf essence, others are not, with the amount of proline (one kind of amino acid) as a measure of the new synthetic gel meta protein. Experiments showed that olive leaf extract could significantly promote fibroblast production of collagen protein.


4,The reaction of anti chitosan reaction is a reaction to the membrane of the cell. It causes the net knot of collagen, thus the gel loses its original elasticity, and the skin appears sunken, that is, wrinkle. This phenomenon increases with age. After 8 days of tube culture in 37C, the derivative of glycan reaction was traced by fluorescence analysis, which was formed between lysine and glucose -6- phosphate (ester) enzyme. This experiment was also carried out under the condition of adding pure olive leaf extract and no pure olive leaf extract, demonstrating its important role in the anti glycan reaction.


5, anti gel element enzyme is an enzyme produced by fibrous cells under the influence of free radicals - in ultraviolet radiation, keratinocytes release some information, thus stimulating fibrous cells to produce gelatinase. Olive leaf extract was added to keratinocyte culture medium and irradiated with UVA and UVB. The results showed that the pure olive leaf essence was produced by inhibiting the "information" of the keratinocytes caused by ultraviolet rays and indirectly reducing the secretion of the enzyme.


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