Lycopene Benefits

Lycopene Benefits

● Chemical formula: C40H56
● molecular weight: 536.8726
● CAS: 502-65-8
● EINECS: 207-949-1


tomato Lycopene.jpgLycopene (Lycopene) is a kind of carotenoid. It is a strong antioxidant. It has a strong ability to remove free radicals. It has significant effects on the prevention and control of prostate cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer. It can effectively inhibit the proliferation and replication of cancer cells, and also prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and improve immunity. Protect cell DNA from free radical damage, prevent cell disease, mutation, cancer, containing strong antioxidant biological living substances, can promote cell growth and regeneration, cosmetic and wrinkle, maintain skin health, delay aging and other effects, "plant gold" called, known as "the new favorite of health care products in twenty-first Century."

The benefits of Lycopene

1. prevention and suppression of cancer: the latest research results show that a daily intake of 30 milligrams of lycopene can prevent a variety of cancers such as prostate, digestive and bladder cancers.


2. protection of cardiovascular: in the process of occurrence and development of atherosclerosis, the oxidation of lipoproteins in the intima is a key factor. Lycopene plays an important role in reducing lipoprotein oxidation. It is reported that oral natural lycopene can reduce serum cholesterol to less than 5.20 mole / liter. Lycopene is used to prevent high cholesterol and hyperlipidemia, and can slow down the development of cardiovascular disease.


3. anti ultraviolet radiation function: lycopene can resist UV damage. The researchers added 28 mg of beta carotene and 2 mg of lycopene to 10 healthy people for 1-2 months. The results showed that the area of erythema caused by ultraviolet radiation was reduced and the degree was reduced.


4. inhibition of mutagenesis: one of the important mechanisms of tumor formation is the mutation of the tissue cells under the effect of external mutagens, and lycopene can block the process and play a role in anticancer.


5., delaying aging and enhancing immunity: lycopene can remove the free radicals in the body most effectively, maintain normal metabolism of cells and prevent senility. Lycopene is absorbed into the blood and lymph through the digestive tract mucous membrane in the body. It distributes into the testis, adrenal gland, prostate, pancreas, breast, ovary, liver, lung, colon, skin and various mucous tissues to promote the secretion of hormones so that the human body maintains vigorous strength; it is removed from these organs and tissues. They protect them from harm and enhance immunity.


6. lycopene can greatly improve skin allergy, eliminate skin irritation and itching caused by skin allergies, and make you feel relaxed and happy.


7. lycopene is abundant in various mucosal tissues in the body. Long-term use can improve various kinds of discomfort caused by the destruction of mucosal tissue in the body. Such as dry cough, dry eyes, oral ulcers, gastrointestinal mucosa protection.

8. lycopene also has a very strong anti alcohol effect. The main metabolic process of alcohol in human body is oxidation-reduction reaction, which produces a large number of free radicals. Usually taking lycopene, can increase the amount of alcohol; before drinking alcohol, the effect of alcohol is significant, can reduce alcohol to liver damage, and drunk after taking, can relieve headache, vomiting and other drunken symptoms.


9. lycopene also has many physiological functions such as preventing osteoporosis, lowering blood pressure and reducing exercise induced asthma.


10. lycopene has no side effects and is very suitable for long-term health care.


11. lycopene can help prevent and improve the prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and other urinary system diseases, and help to improve the quality of male sperm and reduce the risk of infertility.


Patients with prostate disease and tumor;

Living in areas with serious environmental pollution;

Middle aged and elderly people with low immunity;

Antioxidants need to slow down seners.


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