Ferulic Acid Skin

Ferulic Acid Skin

● Melting point: 168-172 degree C (lit.)
● Density : 1.316 (20 C)
● Storage: conditions -20 C Freezer
● Form: powder
● Color: slightly yellow
● Water solubility: soluble


Ferulic acid is gradually applied in the field of beauty and cosmetics, especially its whitening, freckle, sunscreen and so on, which has injected new vitality into the modern cosmetic industry.

What is it?

skin whitening.jpgFerulic acid is widely found in plants in nature. Its chemical name is 4- hydroxymethoxy cinnamic acid. It's a phenolic acid commonly found in plants. It is mostly extracted from Angelica sinensis, and ferulic acid is also found in Ligusticum chuanxiong, Equisetum and Cicer etc., all of which are derivatives of cinnamic acid. Of course, ferulic acid seldom exists in the plant as a free state and exists mainly in the plant with the combination of oligosaccharides, polyamines, lipids and polysaccharides. Sodium ferulate and ferulic acid, these two derivatives basically reflect and maintain the biological characteristics.

Melting point: 168-172 degree C (lit.)

Density: 1.316 (20 C)

Storage: conditions -20 C Freezer

Form: powder

Color: slightly yellow

Water solubility: soluble

The effect on the skin

More widely used as a drug, and is also widely used in the food industry. In recent years, It has also been applied in the cosmetics industry. It's used in skin care industry mainly based on the whitening and antioxidant effects.

It can inhibit or reduce the proliferation activity of melanocytes. The number of melanocytes from 0.1 to 0.5% can be reduced from 117 + 23/mm2 to 39 + 7/ mm2. At the same time, Also inhibit tyrosinase activity and the concentration of ferulic acid in 5mmol/L. The inhibition rate of tyrosinase activity is up to 86%. Even if the concentration of ferulic acid was only 0.5mmol/L, the inhibition rate of tyrosinase activity could reach about 35%.

A strong antioxidant activity, and has a strong clear effect on hydrogen peroxide, superoxide radical, hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite. I can not only scavenge free radicals, but also regulate physiological functions of human body, producing free radical enzymes and promoting the production of scavenging free radicals.

It is reported that ferulic acid has the ability of sunscreen. Ferulic acid can effectively absorb ultraviolet light from 290 to 330nm wavelength range to prevent or reduce the damage of ultraviolet light on the skin.


It exists in natural plant angelica, and angelica is an edible traditional Chinese medicine. Therefore, the security is relatively high. Modern research shows that ferulic acid can be absorbed by human body, and can be excreted from urine in time. It will not accumulate and cause accumulation toxicity in human body. It is easy to metabolize in human body, and its toxicity is very low and its use is relatively safe. It is precisely because of this, it's widely used in medicine and food industry.


Carton: 1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside; 

25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.

or as customer’s requirement.

Drum: 10kg,15kg,25kg




Shipping Terms

By express

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By Sea

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Airport to Airport

Pick Up Goods by Customer

Suitable for ≥500kgs


Low Cost

Port to Port

Pick Up Goods by Customer

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Payment Terms

Western Union

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Bank Transfer

Finishing workshop

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