Anthocyanin Antioxidant

Anthocyanin Antioxidant

● enhance vascular elasticity
● improve circulation system and skin smoothness
● inhibit inflammation and allergies
● improve joint flexibility



blackberry extract powder

Anthocyanins are water-soluble pigments that can change color with the acidity and alkalinity of the cell fluid. Cell fluids are red when they are acidic and blue when they are alkaline. Anthocyanin is one of the main pigments that make up the color of petals and fruits.


Anthocyanins not only make plants show colorful colors, but also bring many benefits to human body. A large number of studies have shown that anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant, which can protect the human body from the damage of a harmful substance called free radicals. Anthocyanins can also enhance vascular elasticity, improve circulation system and skin smoothness, inhibit inflammation and allergies, and improve joint flexibility. Remove free radicals in vivo; reduce oxidase activity; improve the catabolism of high glyceride lipoprotein; inhibit cholesterol absorption, reduce low density lipoprotein cholesterol content; anti-mutation, anti-tumor, anti-allergy, protection of gastric mucosa and other functions. Anthocyanins also have anti-radiation effect. The color of anthocyanins varies with the P H value. Most anthocyanins have good stability of light, heat and P H value. For white-collar workers or people who are exposed to long-term sunlight and electric radiation, the effect of anthocyanins is indispensable.


Quick Details

Name:Black Goji Berry Extract
Active Ingredient:anthocyanidin
Specification:25% anthocyanidin
Used Part:Fruit
Appearance:Dark Purple Powder
Test Method:UV

  Supply Ability  

Supply Ability:

20 Ton/Tons per   Month

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Packaging   Details







Lead Time

Anthocyanins Powder Bulk & Private Label Packaging for your options:

* 1~5 kg in a   Al-Foil Bag w/ Zip lock Bag inside

* 5~20 kg in a   Paper Carton

* 25kg in a   Paper Drum w/ Double Plastic Bags inside


3 days after   payment


Anthocyanins powder

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