Soybean Isoflavone

Soybean Isoflavone

● Latin name: C (cine max (L.) Merr
● Alisa: CatheRine Genistein
● Character: Light yellow powder with slightly bitter smell and slightly astringent taste.
● Source:The germ of the soybean plant


Soybean isoflavone.jpgSoybean isoflavones are flavonoid compounds, a secondary metabolite formed in the process of soybean growth, and a bioactive substance. Soybean isoflavones are also called phytoestrogens because they are extracted from plants and have similar structures with estrogen.

The estrogenic effect of soybean isoflavones affects hormone secretion, metabolic biologic activity, protein synthesis, growth factor activity, and is a natural cancer chemical prophylaxis.

English name

Soy Isoflavones P.E

Latin name

C (cine max (L.) Merr


CatheRine Genistein


Light yellow powder with slightly bitter smell and slightly astringent taste.


The germ of the soybean plant

Main components

Daidzein (Daidzin), daidzein (Daidzein), genistein (Genistin), genistein (Genistein), soybean Flavin (Glycitin), flavin glycoside (Glycitein)

Main function

  • Improving skin quality and relieving menopause discomfort: the estrogenic effect of soy isoflavones can make the female skin smooth, delicate, smooth and elastic, radiate youthful elegance, regulate estrogen level, and relieve many symptoms of menopause.

  • Anti aging: it can prevent premature ovarian failure and delay the arrival of menopause.

  • To improve menstrual discomfort: estrogen deficiency leads to menstrual discomfort and bi-directional regulation of soybean isoflavones, which can make estrogen level normal and improve menstrual discomfort.

  • Prevention of osteoporosis: the decrease of estrogen level, easy to cause bone loss, and timely supplement of soybean isoflavones, can effectively prevent the occurrence of osteoporosis.

  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: prevention of atherosclerosis and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

  • Prevention of breast cancer: two-way regulation of estrogen can reduce estrogen activity and reduce the risk of breast cancer due to high estrogen level in women.

  • To improve postpartum mental disorders: after female fertility, progesterone decreases, estrogen level has not been restored, thus causing nervous disorders of plants, forming mental disorders, and soybean isoflavones can supplement this lack in time.

  • To improve the quality of sexual life: the estrogenic effect of soybean isoflavones can moisten the important organs of women - vagina, increase the secretion of gonadal, thickened vaginal epithelium, enhance the elasticity of female vagina muscles and improve the quality of sexual life.

The principle of prevention and treatment of cancer

Inhibition of tyrosine protein kinase (PTK) activity

PTK is regulated strictly in normal cells of human body. When cells are damaged, the activity of PTK can be improved and normal cells can be transformed into uncontrolled tumor cells. Soybean isoflavones can inhibit the activity of tyrosine protein kinase (PTK). Once the activity of PTK is inhibited, it can prevent the proliferation of human cells and fundamentally prevent the production of tumor cells.

Inhibition of the activity of topoisomerase II

Topoisomerase II participates in the replication process of DNA, which inhibits cell division and proliferation. Soybean isoflavone inhibits topoisomerase II activity by stabilizing DNA- topoisomerase II complex and inhibiting enzyme activity. In tumor cells, the stabilization of DNA- topoisomerase II complex leads to the breakage of double stranded or single strand DNA, resulting in the growth of tumor cells to stop or die.

Prevent the proliferation and angiogenesis of the skin cells in the body

In the promotion stage of cancer cell proliferation, tumor tissue grows fast and needs new blood vessels to provide nutrition. High concentration soybean isoflavones can prevent the proliferation and angiogenesis of human endothelial cells, inhibit the formation of blood vessels needed for the growth of tumor cells, cut off the nutritional supply of tumor tissue and cause the tumor tissue to die.


Carton: 1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside; 25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.or as customer’s requirement.

Drum: 10kg,15kg,25kg




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By express

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