Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate Skin Care

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate Skin Care

CAS: 68797-35-3
EINECS: 272-296-1
Molecular Formula: C42H60K2O16
Molecular Weight: 899.113
Specification: 73%HPLC
Characteristics:white Powder, Sweet, Soluble In Water, Soluble In Glycerol, Propylene Glycol, Slightly Soluble In Anhydrous Alcohol, Ethyl Ether.


What is dipotassium glycyrrhizinate?

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate is white or white like fine powder. Its purity is 98%. It has special sweet taste, water soluble and pure taste. Two potassium glycyrrhizinate has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, anti allergy, deodorization and other effects. It is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical and food industries.

What is the mechanism that regulates the immune function?

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate has a corticosteroid like effect - sodium retention, potassium excretion and glucocorticoid steroid like effect - sugar metabolism, but there is no side effect in long term use.

Direct action: it is generally believed that the chemical structure of glycyrrhizic acid in potassium glycyrrhizic acid two is similar to that of adrenocortical hormone. By acting on the hormone receptor on the membrane of the cell, it affects the ion channel, activates or inhibits the activity, regulates the metabolism of the substance, and regulates the excitement of the cholinergic nerve. As a result, the permeability of capillary wall and cell membrane is reduced, inflammatory exudation is reduced, and the formation and release of histamine and other toxic substances are inhibited, so as to have good anti-inflammatory effects.

Is Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate safe?

1 the eyes and skin were not irritating, nontoxic, and no side effects

The human skin seal test showed that two potassium glycyrrhizinate had good skin tolerance, no irritation and allergenic. At the same time, the skin test showed that two potassium glycyrrhizic acid had the effect of Corticosterol and glucocorticoid, but within the recommended dosage, long term use did not produce physiological and psychological dependence and no side effects.

2 biodegradability;

3 can be used as a sweetener or used as a medicinal agent.

Additive amount: 0.10-1.0%

Usage method: Emulsification system: direct addition of water phase, high temperature resistance;

Gel system: directly added (ionic, slightly viscosity reducing);

Clean system: direct join.

                                  Range of application

Anti-allergy products


After sun repairing products


Depilatory products


Shaving products


Lip products


Anti-mosquito products



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