Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate Salt 68797-35-3

Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate Salt 68797-35-3

● Content>73%HPLC(98%UV
● Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti bacterial and anti-viral activities
● Applied to clinical therapy and cosmetic
● Acne treatment


Licorice Extract Glycyrrhizic Acid Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate Salt

Product introduction

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate is a widely used anti-inflammatory agent isolated from the licorice root. It may also inhibit the skin's tyrosinase activity and melanin production, making it a potential lightening/brightening agent that prevents hyper-pigmentation. Further studies have shown it to help reduce the redness and irritation commonly associated with various ailments such as Rosacea, Psoriasis and acne.

Product parameter

logo.jpg                                      Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate

Trade Name: Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Common Name: Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate

Synonyms: D.P.G

CAS No.: 68797-35-3

EINECS No.: 272-296-1

Molecular Formula: C42H60K2O16

Molecular Structure:                                  Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate1.gif

Characteristics: White powder

Solubility: Dissolved in water. Do not dissolved in ethanol, 1,3-butanediol

Specification: Cosmetic grade

Features: Pharmacological: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti- irritant

Cosmetic: Increase skin elasticity, penetration enhancer

Personal Care: moisturizing and hydration, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, calms   visible irritation

Organoleptic: Eliminate aftertaste, enhance and extend sweetness, enhance flavors,   enhance mouthfeel

Typical Dosage: 1‰-5‰

Packing: 1kg aluminum foil bag

Transport: Non-hazardous cargo(IMO/IATA)

Remarks: Safety and efficacy report available upon request.

Product feature application

Anti-inflammation and Hyaluronidase

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate2.jpg

Inhibition of hyaluronidase plays an important role not only in maintaining the hyaluronic acid level in the body but also in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic activities.

This enzyme is activated during inflammation, plays a role in the destruction of the connective tissue matrix, and increases the permeability of inflammatory cells and blood vessels. Hyaluronidase presents in mast cells in activated by the binding of IgE-antigen complex to receptors and is involved in the release of histamine granules.

Product qualification

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate.png

Deliver, shipping and serving

Applications: Widely   used in cosmetic product as cream, paste, water solution and emulsion.


1. 1kg with double plastic container inside/Aluminum foil bag outside.
2. 25kg with double plastic container inside/Fiber drum outside.
3. The final decision will be made by your company.


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