Kojic Acid Increase Skin Elasticity

Kojic Acid Increase Skin Elasticity

● increase skin elasticity
● retain water
● whitening
● sunscreen



99% KojicAcid

It has been known for a long time that the hands of workers in food brewing industry are always white and tender. Inspired by this phenomenon, biochemists found that Aspergillus fermentans produced a natural product in the brewing process of soybean paste, sauce, wine and vinegar. After separation, purification and chemical structure analysis, it was determined that it was a 5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-gamma-pyrone compound. It's called kojic acid. Subsequently, a series of studies have been carried out to prove that kojic acid is a specific inhibitor of tyrosine oxidase, a key enzyme in melanin synthesis in skin cells. It inhibits the synthesis of melanin and affirms the unique effects of kojic acid in removing freckles, blocking pigmentation and whitening skin.


Physicochemical properties of kojic acid

Kojic acid, Kojic acid, 5-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyl-gamma-pyrone (5-Hy droxy-2-hydroxymethyl-gamma-pyrone); Molecular formula: C6H6H4; Molecular weight: 142.11. The crystal is white needle, soluble at 152 C, soluble in water, ethanol and ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in ether, chloroform and pyridine, slightly soluble in other solvents. It reacts with ferric chloride in a special red color and can reduce Ferrin reagent and ammonium silver nitrate (NH3AgN03).


Freckle-removing and whitening effects of kojic acid

Human skin color is related to race, age, occupation and living environment. Normal skin color comes from four pigments: oxidized hemoglobin, reduced hemoglobin, carotene and melanin. Melanin is produced in dendritic melanocytes scattered in the epidermis (cuticle - hyaline layer - spinous layer - basal layer). The amount of melanin produced determines the black and white skin. All biochemical reactions in organisms are catalyzed by enzymes. In the series of reactions to form melanin, the first step is the formation of DOPA catalyzed by tyrosine oxidase, followed by homeopathy and automation. To reduce melanin formation, tyrosine oxidase activity must be reduced. At present, quinones used in many whitening cosmetics or some glycosides which can be converted into hydroquinones after being absorbed by skin cells can also inhibit the activity of tyrosine oxidase, reduce or inhibit the activity of other enzymes. Therefore, they are cytotoxic. Long-term application will cause skin epidermal cells to suffer toxicity and death, resulting in rough and aging skin. Many countries have banned the use of quinones in cosmetics.

Kojic acid is a natural product of Aspergillus fermentation. It only specifically inhibits tyrosine oxidase, which forms melanin, but does not inhibit other enzymes, and has no toxic effect on cells. Kojic acid is a cyclic pyrone compound. In addition to inhibiting tyrosine oxidase activity, kojic acid also enters into the intercellular matrix to form intercellular glia, which can retain water and increase skin elasticity. Therefore, kojic acid is better than quinone compounds in cosmetics.


Quick Details

CAS No.: 501-30-4

Other Names: Kojic acid

MF: C6H6O4

EINECS No.: 207-922-4

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Purity: 99%MIN

Appearance: White powder

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20 Ton/Tons per   Month

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* 25kg in a   Paper Drum w/ Double Plastic Bags inside


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