Chlorogenic Acid Anti-inflammatory

Chlorogenic Acid Anti-inflammatory

Alias: chlorogenic acid, espresso tannic acid Chemical name: 3- caffeoacylquinic acid System name: 1,3,4,5- four hydroxy cyclohexane carboxylic acid Cas No.: 327-97-9 EINECS: 206-325-6 Molecular weight and molecular weight: C16H18O9=354.30


Alias: chlorogenic acid, espresso tannic acid

Chemical name: 3- caffeoacylquinic acid

System name: 1,3,4,5- four hydroxy cyclohexane carboxylic acid

Cas No.: 327-97-9

EINECS: 206-325-6

Molecular weight and molecular weight: C16H18O9=354.30

What is chlorogenic acid?

Chlorogenic acid is a kind of phenylpropanoid formed in the process of aerobic respiration in plants. It exists widely in plant circles, but there are not many plants with high content. The research shows that the content of chlorogenic acid is rich in Eucommia ulmoides leaves. The planting of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv in China is very extensive. It can produce about 4 million tons of leaves per year. Extracting chlorogenic acid from Eucommia ulmoides has important theoretical and practical significance.


Chlorogenic acid is also called coffee tannic acid. The chemical name is 3- caffeic quinic acid. Chlorogenic acid is a polyphenolic compound formed by condensation and dehydration of a molecular caffeic acid and a molecule quinic acid. It is a phenylpropanoid compound produced by the plant body during aerobic respiration through the shikimic acid pathway. Its physical properties are hemihydrate as acicular crystal. 110 C becomes anhydrous, the melting point is 208, the solubility of water in water is 4%, and the solubility is greater in hot water. Chlorogenic acid is easy to dissolve in ethanol and acetone, and it is extremely soluble in ethyl acetate.

Determination of content by HPLC method

(1) chromatographic conditions: Eighteen alkyl silane bonded silica gel as filler, acetonitrile -0.4% phosphoric acid solution (13:87) as mobile phase, and detection wavelength of 327nm. The number of theoretical plates was more than 1000 by chlorogenic acid.

(2) the preparation of the control solution: precisely called the chlorogenic acid as the control product, put in the brown measuring bottle, and add 50% methanol to the solution of 40 mu g per milliliter, that is, (below 10 degrees C).

(3) preparation of sample solution: sample dry powder about 0.5g, precision weighing, set a plug conical bottle, precision adding 50% methanol, weight, ultrasonic treatment 30min, cooling, weighing, use 50% methanol to fill the lost weight, shake well, filter, discarded filtrate, dense quantity of filtrate 5ml, 25ml Brown measuring bottle, set 25ml Brown measuring bottle, set 25ml Brown vase. Add 50% methanol to the scale, shake well, that is.

(4) determination: the 10 and l of the reference substance and the sample solution respectively were carefully extracted and injected into the liquid chromatograph.


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